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Our Guarantee

Here at, we are completely committed to floral excellence and to customer satisfaction. The odds of you being less than thrilled with your flower delivery are very slim; especially since we shall do everything to make sure your flowers arrive in excellent condition at your door. We have successfully shipped flowers to over 20,000 event planners, brides and florists thanks to our dedication and hard work in harmony with our growers. The flowers you receive were growing in our farmer`s fields just a few days prior to you receiving them. Of course, you will need to do your part to ensure the beauty of your blooms once you receive your flowers. Please follow the instructions under flower care to recut and re-hydrate your flowers as soon as you get them.

You may be leery of ordering fresh flowers online, sight unseen, which is why we uphold a 100% Flower Guarantee. Our guarantee means you do not have to worry about ordering your flowers online through and can rest easy that your precious shipment will arrive on time and in good condition for your special event.

When you receive your flowers, please inspect them immediately to make sure that they are not damaged. Keep in mind that they will need to be re-hydrated for a few hours or overnight to look their best. Upon your inspection, if you notice broken or bruised flowers, please call us as soon as possible to let us know of this anomaly. This is a very rare occurrence however, it is not impossible. If you are one of the unfortunate few that this happens to, please take the following steps as soon as possible, within a few hours of receiving your injured flowers…

What to do in the unfortunate and very rare instance that your flowers arrive damaged:

1) Take a picture of the damaged flowers and email it to us at:
2) Call us at 1-800-276-7959 to report your damaged flowers to us. We will initiate a pickup for your damaged flowers and a delivery of new flowers.
3) Set your flowers at your door so that FedEx can ship them back to us. This will allow us to analyze what went wrong with your delivery so that we can make sure it never happens again.
4) Wait for your new shipment to arrive the next day.
5) When you call us, you can choose to receive a full refund instead of new flowers if you prefer. Either way, we still need a picture and a pickup of the damaged flowers for quality control to issue new flowers or a reimbursement.

Here are the exact specifications of our 100% Guarantee:

Flowers are living things. For this reason they are not always 100% perfect. For example, if you order white flowers, chances are that you will get flowers varying in color from white to ivory. Also, some of them may have very slight imperfections such as small spots or streaks or varying shapes of petals. As with all products of Mother Nature, all flowers are not created equal. Because of this, we cannot guarantee the exact dimensions of each bloom in your shipment. If you want picture perfect flowers with an even and specific color tone, no imperfections and exact dimensions, we suggest ordering artificial flowers.

Our Substitution Policy

If the flowers you have ordered become unavailable for your scheduled delivery, for any reason such as poor climate or natural disasters, we will let you know well in advance of your scheduled shipment and may suggest a substitute of a similar flower or color match. In addition to this, we will compensate you for the switch in your flower plan by sending you a bonus flower upgrade at no extra cost to you. If this is unacceptable or undesirable to you, you can choose to cancel the order completely, in which case we will reimburse you in full.