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Frequently Asked Questions about Gerber Daisies

How long in advance should I order my flowers if I need them for a special event?

  • You can order your flowers well in advance of your special event since our flowers are as fresh
    as can be. Let`s say you need gerber daisies for an event on the second weekend in July, you will need
    to allow time for arranging the flowers. Planning for a Wednesday or Thursday delivery is wise
    since this will give you time to re-cut the flowers, let them re-hydrate and then get to work
    creating beautiful bouquets or arrangements. Our ordering process is easy to use since we ask you
    what date you want your flowers to arrive on. We ship them on time for you to receive them
    on your scheduled receiving date. Of course, if you are ordering lilies or star of Bethlehem for
    example, these flowers take longer to open so you may want to plan for a Monday delivery
    instead. Simply refer to the shipping guidelines for your chosen flowers for more specific

I live far away from everywhere! Will my flowers still look fresh when they reach me?

  • We only ship flower varieties that can take a long journey and still look great. Our flowers are as
    fresh as can be and shipped directly from the field or greenhouse where it is grown so you can`t
    get any fresher. In addition to this, we package and prepare your flowers with the ultimate in
    care and attention to cushion and protect them from the stresses of travel.

Do you ship to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska or Canada?

  • We do ship to these locations. Simply call is at (800)  276-7959 to ask about your specific location
    and we will be able to give you more information such as the cost of shipping to your area.

What happens if I receive my flowers and they are damaged?

  • This very rarely happens because of our strategic packaging and specially designed boxes and
    cushioning. However, if you happen to receive injured flowers, simply call us within 4 hours after
    you get your blooms and we will send you a replacement shipment immediately.

Can I order a small sample order a few months before my event so I can be sure of what I will get
and practice making my arrangements?

  • The amounts indicated on our website are the smallest amounts we can ship. You are welcome
    to order the smallest quantity of your chosen flower in advance to test creating your bouquets.
    However, we are unable to ship any smaller quantity of flower since these amounts are
    strategically designed to allow for safe shipping of flowers in specifically sized boxes so that
    there is no moving around in there and the flowers arrive in good condition. Any smaller amount
    would sacrifice the integrity of the blooms.

Do you have a catalog?

  • You`re looking at it! Our catalog is our website. Since our flower selection varies from season to
    season and since we receive new flowers all the time, we update our website continuously to
    reflect our selection. We do not offer a print catalog in order to be environmental and to reflect
    our current product offering.

I live close to your offices; can I just come and pick up my flowers??

  • Even though our offices are in California, our flowers are located in farmer`s fields and
    greenhouses. Coming to our office will be futile since our flowers are not here; they are shipped
    straight from the farm so you get the freshest flowers possible.